USA: Information after attack came too late Interior

"It seems that the Afghan terror suspect acted as a loner," says Hoekstra. "But if it had been a more complex attack, with more perpetrators and successive actions spread over more days, then I have my concerns." According to him, the response has been extensively evaluated at the embassy and the American security services will also do this together with their Dutch colleagues.

"We have done a lot of things very well. The families say not for nothing that they were impressed by the reaction of the police, the people at the station, the medical assistance, the surgeon and the nurses. Part of the system works very well. At the same time you can determine that things might have been different. "

According to Hoekstra, information about the 19-year-old Afghan suspect from the attack on Jawed S. was especially useful to the Americans. "We could have put that info in our databases and maybe answer certain questions. If he comes from Afghanistan, do we know who he really is? Did we meet him there? This information can be important to determine whether it is part of a network and which one. We need that information quickly. Information about terrorists simply becomes dated very quickly. "

Pete Hoekstra, the American ambassador in the Netherlands.

Pete Hoekstra, the American ambassador in the Netherlands.



Hoekstra says he does not know whether Jawed S. was known to the American services. As an explanation for the 'gap' in the information sharing, he mentions the fact that "there has been no jihadist terrorist attack in the Netherlands for fourteen years", apart from perhaps the "confused man" who stabbed three people in The Hague last May. "We know what the protocols are and what we have to do. Now that we have to use them, we ask ourselves: is this good enough? "Hoekstra emphasizes that he praises the response of the Amsterdam police and that the US has an excellent relationship with the Dutch intelligence world.

At the attack, two Americans were injured. They are still in a hospital in the Netherlands. According to the ambassador, their situation is progressing.

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