Vandals hit: dozens of gnomes were destroyed

VOORTHUIZEN Again dozens of leprechauns have been killed in the Kabouterdorp in Voorthuizen. Just like a year ago, dozens of leprechauns were kicked over and destroyed by strangers in a corner of the Wilbrinkbos last night. ,, Very sad and sad that this happens, that must be over once. ''

Wouter van Dijk

The latter says the Voorthuizen Bep Welters, initiator of the Kabouterdorp. In a small part of the Wilbrink forest, more than a thousand figurines of goblins and elves have been set up for a few years now. "When I arrived this morning, I was pretty shocked," Welters says. "I think there are more than forty figurines broken, who is doing something like that?" "She is sure it happened tonight. ,, Because Wednesday I was still in the forest and then nothing was wrong. Me and other volunteers from the gnome village are very disappointed. ''

DROPPINGS OF CAMPINGS Welters finds it striking that she had this almost exactly a year ago also going on. "Even then, demolitions took place at the end of the summer holidays. I knew that by that time, droppings from groups of youngsters were organized late at night in the Wilbrinkbos, coming from various campsites in the neighborhood. I do not want to point my finger, but I do hope that campsites and for example animation teams can tell young people about the value of our Kabouterdorp. So that this will no longer happen in the future and we will treat our village with respect. ''

The Kabouterdorp of Welters started spontaneously a few years ago and soon the army of gnomes grew out. More than two years ago, a forester removed the figurines, because the gnome village had been illegally created. ,, Since then we have arranged well with the Geldersch Landschap, the owner of the forest '', Welters puts. ,, We now rent the piece of forest so that the gnomes can stay. Every year we look for a donor who contributes to the rental costs, for this year that café is called Ons Kroegie in Voorthuizen. ''

PICNICKS BETWEEN THE KABOUTERS Welters emphasizes that the gnome village does not have to remain a static village. ,, Visitors, especially the children, can safely play with the figurines and put them down differently. I hear from families with small children who like to picnic among the gnomes, for example. Our village is now also just meant for that, for those kind of fun moments. That something occasionally breaks down is not that bad at all. But that is, of course, a lot different than willfully destroying. "" In order to repair the damage in the forest, new gnomes are more than welcome for the village, Welters concludes.

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