Video: turning motorists block ambulance after accident A13

After an accident on the A13 from Rotterdam to The Hague, dozens of motorists turned their cars on Saturday afternoon to drive in the opposite direction via the emergency lane to the exit. An ambulance therefore could not pass the stalled traffic.

On video images you can see how cars turn on the highway and drive a ghost over the emergency lane. An ambulance with flashing lights and sirens on the way to the accident came to stand for a moment between the revolving drivers.

Two cars drove on each other and were badly damaged on the highway. This created a traffic jam. Many drivers were not patient enough to wait until they could drive past the cars.

"It is frustrating for aid workers when they are faced with this absurd and anti-social driving behavior," says Jasper van Vugt, spokesman for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region. "The ambulance brothers wanted to get to the accident as soon as possible, because one of the drivers was suffering from chest pain.You do not know what is going on at that moment, so you want to be as soon as possible. time for unnecessary delays. "


One of the impatient drivers has himself opened the barrier of a calamity transit along the motorway, says Rijkswaterstaat. The police were immediately alerted to this. Agents first passed the ghost drivers, so they could come to the accident. That was a priority at that time.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, it happens more often that impatient motorists turn, even if this is not allowed. "You also endanger other road users, so we report this immediately to the police if we see this, there are high fines on wrong-way driving, but we still see this kind of behavior regularly, for example in the case of bridge failures", says a spokesperson.

Regulators of Rijkswaterstaat can only pay fines in specific cases, for example, for ignoring red crosses. Road inspectors sometimes allow cars to drive back accompanied on the motorway, but that was not the case here.

The accident itself turned out to fall.

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