Visitors performance in Leeuwarden massively stranded by train failure NOW

According to ProRail, the overhead line has been pulled down by a train over a length of about half a kilometer. Because of the incident, there were temporarily no trains at all.

Since about 6.30 pm driving from one rail, trains are limited on the affected route. According to ProRail, the other track can only be used again if the broken overhead line has been repaired. How long it will take before the overhead wire is made is still unknown.

The problems last for the rest of the evening. Travelers who are in no hurry were advised by the transporter to go home later.

Sunday was the last day of performance

The world famous performance The Giants of Royal de Luxe could be seen in Leeuwarden for three days, as part of the European Capital of Culture 2018. Sunday was the last day.

How many visitors the event has attracted Sunday, a spokesperson for the municipality does not yet know, but the suspicion is that there were more than the 150,000 to 160,000 of Saturday.

The municipality estimates that the show has attracted some 425,000 visitors in total. This made it a little busier than the municipality expected in advance. The number of visitors was 400,000.

People who wanted to view the three-meter-high giant dolls were summoned on Sunday by public transport because the access roads to Leeuwarden were full.

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