What happened to Nicky Verstappen?

An important breakthrough in the investigation into the death of eleven-year-old Nicky Verstappen. The Public Prosecution Service and the police Limburg hold a press conference at noon on Wednesday to mention the details of the breakthrough. But what happened to Verstappen again? Five questions to refresh your memory.

What happened to Nicky Verstappen?

Nicky Verstappen (born on 13 March 1987) from the Limburg village Heibloem disappeared on 10 August 1998. Verstappen was with a group of fellow villagers at camp, which took place at De Heikop, a recreation resort on the Brunssummerheide. On the night of 9 to 10 August Verstappen turned out to be no longer in his tent when he woke up. Man and power sought: one day later he was found dead, one kilometer away from the camp.

What has happened so far in terms of research?

Police research has yielded little so far. In recent years, several suspects were arrested, but because of lack of evidence they were all released again. The death of Verstappen has never fallen into oblivion, the police also say that they have always been involved in the death of the eleven-year-old boy. "The research never stopped and in an extreme attempt to get answers to the question of what happened to Nicky, a large-scale DNA-related research takes place", writes the police in March.

Why is it twenty years?

Last August 10, it was twenty years ago that Nicky Verstappen disappeared. That means that a number of possible criminal offenses is barred, reported 1Limburg this month. This includes, among other things, abduction and severe abuse with death as a result. This limitation period does not apply to murder or manslaughter.

What does the important breakthrough mean?

In 2012, DNA-related research was permitted by law, the last step to unravel the mystery. 21,500 men from Landgraaf, parts of Brunssum, Heerlen and Heibloem were invited to participate in the study. About 15,000 men gave the call and voluntarily gave cheek glue. Dna research may have resulted in a match.

What is Peter R. de Vries his role?

Peter R. de Vries has been supporting the family for many years in the research. He has long argued that the case would be picked up again by the police and judiciary. De Vries represents the Verstappen family Wednesday morning at the press conference. "A battle of twenty years is rewarded! Today is the day! ", He writes on Twitter.

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