Women surplus in many student cities Interior

In Delft it is just the other way around. There, the Central Bureau of Statistics counted 170 men per hundred young women. According to Statistics Netherlands, the situation in Delft is probably related to the Technical University in that city. Women choose less for technical training than men. Young women are also in the minority in other municipalities with a university of technology: 126 men are in 100 in Eindhoven, 124 in Enschede and 113 in Hengelo.

The surplus of women in many student cities is related to the age at which women leave the parental home. At the start of this year, 55 percent of Dutch young women still lived at home against 69 percent of young men.

More women than men are registered at Dutch universities anyway. "In the 2017/2018 academic year, 94 men per 100 women (all ages) studied at a university full-time, ten years earlier that ratio was 98 men out of 100 women", according to Statistics Netherlands.


The proportions are slightly different nationally. At the start of this year, almost 1.1 million people in the Netherlands lived from 20 to 25 years old. Women are slightly in the minority in this age group. There are 103 men out of every 100 young women.

About 5 percent more boys than girls are born every year, and this is reflected in the 20s. Women are generally older than men. They form a small majority of the total population: 99 are men in every 100 women.

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