Adjustments Stint 'do good', the road can go on for months

"The recommended adjustments are therefore reasonably quick to design and approve.T technically speaking, the Stint could be on the road again in April, but I suspect there will be a delay, because the government is now very understandable, very careful about this kind of vehicles on public roads. "

Unclear rules

Since the Stint accident in Oss last September, where four children were killed, the vehicle class of 'special mopeds' is under a magnifying glass. This includes segways, e-bikes and hoverboards. Manufacturers and insurers say against it News hourthat the current rules are too unclear.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen wants to set new requirements for this vehicle category. Advice from the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW) and Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid (SWOV) form the basis for the new assessment framework. The Minister wants to send a proposal to the Lower House by February.

Summer 2019

Professor Steinbuch, on the other hand, expects that it will take until the summer of 2019 before the new requirements are laid down by law. Because all the authorities involved want to work very carefully and there are many steps to take.

"I wish it could be faster, but it can not just be an approval for a modified moped, so to speak, something really has to be said about the requirements and rules for this type of vehicle."

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