Arjen Lubach is on TV on Sunday evening, but not with ZML

The last episode of the twelfth season was released last weekend Sunday with Lubach. For many people, this means that they now have to find something else to watch on Sunday evening 9:15 PM. Fortunately, the choice for this weekend was made quickly. Arjen Lubach is simply on television, but with his own show Arjen Lubach LIVE!

The host of Sunday with Lubach does much more than critically look at the news and make jokes. He wrote a book and appeared in the theater regularly in the pre-corona period. His most recent show Arjen Lubach LIVE! was even completely sold out 140 times. For everyone who was not there at the time, or just wants to see the show again, it will be on television this Sunday.

Arjen Lubach will be on TV on Sunday

Just at the time you are used to: a quarter past nine. The show itself is, if you only know Arjen Lubach from Sunday with Lubach, slightly different than you might be used to. The stories that are told are much more personal. In this show it is not the news, but Arjen Lubach that is central. It’s a lot more intimate and the audience plays a more important role.

This does not mean that there are none at all Sunday with Lubach-like moments in the show. After all, this plays an important role in his life and should therefore not be missing. One of the highlights of Arjen Lubach LIVE! even falls into this category. We are of course talking about the number Better in Bed. One of Lubach’s favorite targets, Thierry Baudet, is central to this and went completely viral.

Sunday evening at 21:15 on NPO 3

Critics also appreciated the song. So became Better in Bed even nominated for the Annie MG Schmidt Prize. This is an annual award that goes to the best theater song of that year. And not alone Better in Bed was extremely popular, also the song Woke up went hard on YouTube. The personal and spontaneous story combined with these songs make Arjen Lubach LIVE! a show not to be missed.

Arjen Lubach LIVE! can be seen on NPO 3 on Sunday 29 November at 21:15

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Arjen Lubach is on TV on Sunday evening, but not with ZML

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