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British health minister: anti-vaxxers have 'blood on their hands'

Recent figures show that between 2010 and 2017 half a million children in Great Britain were not vaccinated against measles. Hancock would prefer no compulsory vaccinations, but he does not exclude it. "Non-vaccination without good reason is simply wrong."

"Proof is crystal clear"

The evidence is "crystal clear," says Hancock: "Vaccination is good for you and for your children. You also protect people who cannot be vaccinated."

He calls people who promote non-vaccination "morally reprehensible and very irresponsible." Moreover, according to him, they have 'blood on their hands'.

The Dutch cabinet is also going to investigate whether there should be a 'general vaccination obligation' to boost the vaccination rate if it would fall even further.

Not to childcare

This week it was also announced that a large childcare organization no longer wants to take care of unvaccinated children.

Earlier this month it turned out that children were infected with measles at a day care center in The Hague and the infectious disease broke out in student houses in Utrecht. No such case occurred at Berend Botje.

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