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Cell demanded against wife for drugging and ordering dates Interior

At the hospital it turned out that he had the heavy tranquilizer clonazepam in his blood. The suspect confessed that she had put three pills in his beer when he went to the toilet. She stole 30 euros from his wallet, his bank card and she took the car keys, the prosecutor said. Staff involved the police, who interrogated the woman. The suspect then had strips with at least 25 pills, including in her underpants. In her suitcase there were another 75 pills.


The public prosecutor found theft proven to be violent, premeditated. A few other men – who were on her phone – also stated to the police that they had been stunned during a date with the suspect. But they did not report, out of embarrassment or because it could not be proven anymore, the prosecutor said.

The woman had been in the Netherlands since the beginning of February because of a relationship with someone in Spijkenisse, but that went wrong, so she was suddenly on the street. The man from Gouda picked her up after contact via the internet, after which they went to the pub in Gouda. C.G. denied that she had already thought in advance to stun the man with the pills, which she said she would use for panic attacks. She stated that "this wrong decision of which she was very sorry" suddenly occurred to her because she needed money for her return trip to Peru.

The prosecutor found that unacceptable and pointed out that everything indicated a plan.

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