Channah Koerten reveals newborn daughter’s name

Rumi Rainbow was born on November 9th and her parents make no bones about it: she already has her own Instagram page! On this page you can see the echoes and you can get a glimpse of what her little room looks like. You can also see the adorable feet of that little one.

The couple became parents for the second time, the Temptation Island-stars known. The lovebirds already have a baby boy named Tiger. On Channah’s very first Mother’s Day, she announced that she was pregnant again. “We talked about it: when do you actually take a second one? Can you do that with four years in between or continue right away? (…) Tiger will be at school soon and then you have just got your life back a little bit”, said the couple earlier.

Channah will not soon forget her first pregnancy. She arrived during her participationTemptation Island found out that she was expecting happily. However, this caused a real riot, you can see all about it below.

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