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"Dutch GP becomes immense due to popularity Verstappen"

                Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has responded enthusiastically to the news that his driver Max Verstappen will get a home race in Formula 1 next year. According to the British, Circuit Zandvoort can deliver an interesting Grand Prix.

Motorsport.com received confirmation from a reliable source at the Grand Prix of Spain last weekend that the return of Formula 1 to the Netherlands will be officially announced on Tuesday. The first Dutch Grand Prix since 1985 is expected to take place on 3 May 2020.

To the question of Motorsport.com how big a Dutch Grand Prix for Red Bull Racing would be, let Christian Horner know: "We see how many Dutch fans go to races around the world and that only seems to be more and more. Given the popularity of Verstappen expected I think the Dutch Grand Prix is ​​going to be immense. I think it's positive news for Formula 1. "

During the race weekend in Spain, various drivers gave Zandvoort a cool job, but we should not expect an overly exciting race there. Catching up would be virtually impossible on the dune circuit. Horner is not worried about this. According to him, Zandvoort can still provide a fascinating match. "In Monaco, it doesn't exactly suffocate from catching up," he remarks. "Of course a few things have to be done at the circuit, but I am convinced that this will also happen. It is still a while waiting for an official confirmation, but I think it will be an interesting Grand Prix. to see all those fans later, will be a spectacle in itself ", says Horner, who concluded with an advice for the present journal. "You better book a hotel room early."

Is Zandvoort a good place for Formula 1?

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