Dutch victim of sexual abuse accuses Pope

Bruyns was compensated for the abuse, but is still haunted by a feeling of injustice. That is why he has now filed a report. "If you want to start something against this church, you have to manage it to be labeled as a criminal organization," he told RTL News.


In the declaration he states that the pope and the other church administrators participate in a criminal organization 'whose purpose is to prevent or make it more difficult to detect sexual abuse or rape of minors'.

"They have hindered declarations, kept them under the hat", says Bruyns, "and all of that organized." I have read all the documents and see how incredibly well this organization is put together, how they know how to suppress everything through the ages and secretly hold."

Spicy thing

Peter Tak, professor of criminal law at Radboud University, says it will be a 'tough business' for Bruyns. "The pope does not fall under Dutch law, we do not have the authority to judge the pope here, if it were to come to that, then you will have to file a declaration in Italy, and I do not know whether the Pope, as head of state, immunity. "

Bruyns' lawyer Jan Boone says: "It would be unique if the Pope were persecuted, but it is possible, and it was tried in America, but that is not yet a definite answer."

Response church

The Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands (RKK) says it regrets to condemn and condemn 'acts of sexual abuse'. "Mr. Bruyns has the opportunity to walk this route through the law." The church says to await the response from the Public Prosecution Service and will, of course, cooperate.

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