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"For the disastrous climate plan, but watch them shine!" – The Daily Standard

"Also the VVD."

It was once time that the VVD in the House of Representatives from the right was criticized. Of course, the PVV does so at times, but Geert Wilders has the problem that his party is in principle correct left is. No not politically correctlinks, but non-PC is not automatic right. In economic and other respects, the PVV is simply socio-democratic.

Fortunately, this does not apply to Forum for Democracy. The party of Theo Hiddema and Thierry Baudet is really right … and also everything except afraid to tackle the nepliberal VVD. Likewise today on Twitter:

That the VVD betrays its voters is of course old news. Since Rutte became prime minister, it is completely normal. The man and his club promise the voter the right-most things during the campaign, but when election day is over and Rutte is back in the Torentje, he invariably agrees with the extreme-left policy. That was especially true under Rutte II, but under Rutte III it is no different.

Of course, Klaas Dijkhoff occasionally visits nominal right-wing media to hang a nominal right story. Oh no, the VVD does not feel bound to all the agreements from the climate agreement. The fake ones will do certain things not support. Not really.

Fainting, of course. There is some propaganda spread now that elections are coming, but on voting day in the Chamber itself, the VVD always does what the left-wing partners want. Who thought GroenLinks not in the coalition is disappointed: Rutte and Dijkhoff do well what Jesse Klaver wants.

Thank God that there is also a party like FVD nowadays. Maybe Baudet and Hiddema do not have too many to bring in yet, but at least they offer us a liberal alternative.

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