'Green' houses are forced to go on gas again Interior

'Neighborhood 7' should be the showpiece of 'green' Netherlands. But the heat-cold installation, which is all about, has been shut down by the inspectorate, according to the Gelderlander.

Last year the heat pumps were all replaced, but the breakdowns remained. Many residents were in the cold.

Now that there is switched to gas, everyone has a nice warm house.


Resident Willem Keijzer says to the newspaper that some things have improved. "Certainly steps have been taken." Nevertheless, he is angry that the boilers are now running on gas again.

The house of Anton van Straten is now completely heated with gas. "That is not sustainable and difficult to regulate. Then the floor heating is suddenly very hot, later much too cold. It also takes a lot of time to warm up properly. "

The group 50Plus in the province asked questions about the failing project. Marcel Bruins of that party: "Those people thought they were involved in a sustainable home, but now they have to buy the expensive gas." He thinks the province should check more.

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