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Honorary Silver Nipkow disc for Jeroen Pauw

Jeroen Pauw receives the Honorary Silver Nipkow Disc, the oeuvre prize for someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to the television world.

Pauw started his career as a newsreader at RTL News. He worked for the public broadcaster NOVA, before presenting talk shows. First Pauw and Witteman and from September 2014 he continued alone with Peacock.


When Pauw thought in his program tonight to have a conversation with two TV reviewers about the nominations for the Silver Nipkow disc, he was raided with the news by Renate van der Bas of Trouw. "We didn't tell anything and that is that this year we are also awarding an Honorary Silver Nipkow disc to someone who has been on TV for 30 years and has been presenting this program for five years. Applause for Jeroen Pauw!"

The presenter then found it difficult to give an attitude. "Well, yes. I am somewhat upset by this comment from you and at the same time I find it uncomfortable."


After that, the nominations for the Silver Nipkow Disc were announced. That is the price of TV critics for the best Dutch television program.

The nominees are Broken, a documentary series about daily life in a rehabilitation center. Seven little criminals, a youth series about seven teenagers going to rob a bank. And TV maker Sinan Can is also nominated for the programs Sinan is looking for Elias' class and Beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. The online series Joardy Season The VPRO received an honorable mention.

Got last year The lice mother the television price. The presentation of the Nipkow disc is on June 20 in the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam. Then the radio prize the Silver Travel Microphone will also be awarded.

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