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Impulse at school Roermond for 'intimate images'

The fight occurred at Mavo Roermond on Jagerstraat. According to the Limburg educational institution, a parent of a student from another school came to get a story from a student from Mavo Roermond. The fight was about 'misuse of social media'.

Sensitive issue

Parents and students speak of nude photos on Instagram, but agents don't want to confirm that. In the interest of 'the sensitive issue', no further information is provided, the police said.

Help, my nude photo is online! What now?

You have taken a nude photo or video with complete confidence. But now it is suddenly online. It is hard to say exactly how often it happens. Not everyone reports when a nude photo is online against his or her will.

The first thing to do is contact the website where the material is placed, the child pornography hotline advised RTL News earlier. "Report that you have never given permission to publish that photo or video and that you want it to go offline as soon as possible."

Six questions and answers about unwanted nude photos on the internet.

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