Jelka van Houten is fed up with taboo around breastfeeding problems | Entertainment

Christmas tree writes off her feelings on Instagram. “Unfortunately, it is not for me and I find that very sad,” says the actress. “But what I think is super stupid is that there is such a taboo about it (…) And people seriously think that you ‘secretly just don’t want it’ while not ‘being able to’ is a serious grieving process.”

Jelka finds it extra sad that ‘you almost have to go to the dark web’ to get information about bottle feeding. “As if you are really the failed milk mother who has to score her milk on the dark web.”

The actress concludes with the words: “For those sweet women who give everything to have a child at all, I am very aware that this is not possible vs, for example, cannot have children or the long, violent road to get there (. ..) I know that I am a mega-amazon that I have been able to have three healthy children and that unfortunately people take that all too often for granted. ”

Jelka had a son and a daughter with her ex-husband Koppe Koppeschaar. The couple divorced in 2016.

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