‘Land cannot be opened by mass testing’ – De Daily Standaard

More testing is not the solution, at least not the solution to open the country again. Epidemiologists from UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University write this. They draw this conclusion on the basis of their new modeling study. A lot of testing is necessary, the researchers also emphasize, but it is not enough to decide to open the country again.

“A lot of testing is good and that should certainly be done, but if we let go of the measures, it will certainly go wrong”

A lot of testing is therefore not the solution to throwing up the country again en masse – the only real solution is to wait for the vaccine, only the question is how many people will vaccinate themselves at this time.

The problem with testing, according to the researchers from Utrecht, is that everyone is contagious at a different time. One day you test negative, but the next day you could suddenly have become infected. Much testing will not help stop the spread itself.

The Utrecht study does not see anything in De Jonge’s plan to have everyone tested every month, according to the researchers it will make no difference. The country is not opening up any faster.

De Jonge wants to increase the test capacity to ten million tests per month by March 2021.

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