Limburgers are in the prizes at Miljoenenjacht | 1Limburg

Tino Lardinois was the first to answer a question in the first round of Linda de Mol's television program.

25,000 euros
With his correct and quick answer he has won 25,000 euros for the borrowed Geleendenaren. Everyone in the box of the Waereldsjtad goes home with 500 euros. They also received a stay in a holiday park as a gift.

Money prizes
New year's day a lot of cash prizes were awarded in Limburg. Districts in Schinveld, Gronsveld and Roermond were among the winners. Local residents may distribute 100,000 euros between them.

Bad luck
One of the Roermondars with the winning zip code is Big Benny. Since the folk singer does not play, he can write the money on his belly. Sporty as he is, he congratulates Facebook on his neighbors who do have a lottery.

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They had a lot more luck in Sevenum. Luckybirds who play along with the Postcode Lottery may distribute one million euros among themselves.

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