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Mike Teunissen new leader in Dunkirk: "More disappointed than happy"

Anyone expecting a very happy Mike Teunissen in Le Portel, France, was disappointed. “That leader's sweater is a nice consolation prize, but I would rather have won the stage victory. I think I was the fastest of the leading group. Unfortunately I had to brake twice. "

It was with the approval of Dylan Groenewegen that Mike Teunissen and Amund Grøndahl Jansen were allowed to do their thing in the damaged stage along the Opal Coast. "Dylan was not at all sure that he would survive the final, so we decided in advance that Amund and I remained alert," Teunissen tells his story. "We did that well, I think."

Brakes twice
In the last of four local laps near Boulogne-sur-Mer, a leading group of fourteen emerged, including both Jumbo-Visma riders. “We understood each other perfectly. Amund would try to attack while I could fully focus on the sprint. He hit Venturini one time, in the final kilometer he tried again, but in the end it turned out to be a sprint. I actually knew myself the fastest on this slightly sloping finish, but I had to brake twice. I deliberately chose the left-hand side of the road in the last slight – right-hand bend because I was convinced that most of the space would be there, but a number of boys suddenly swung to the left, which forced me to restrain myself.

Teunissen came firmly in the last hundred meters, but more than a third place was no longer in it. “Coquard and Venturini are also not the slowest, are they? But I am mostly disappointed now. Although I don't have to identify a guilty party here, this is my own fault. Sin. The pink leader's jersey is a nice consolation prize. As far as I'm concerned, we'll just try to defend that tomorrow. "

Different strategy
Though Teunissen needs to talk about it again tonight. “Today we would be scanning something, but tomorrow a number of teammates could take it a bit easier, so that we could help Dylan with a fresh leg on a fourth stage victory last Sunday. Remember that everyone has worked a lot in the past three days. But perhaps that strategy needs to be adjusted now. ”Tomorrow the queen stage will be on the agenda between Gravelines and Cassel

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