‘Money laundering banker Ronald N. lived like God in France in the Caribbean’ | Inland

According to the prosecutor, the suspect lived like God in France in the Caribbean, with vintage cars and a luxurious mansion with an ocean view. “He did that from money taken from his victims. Their pension or nest egg appears to have disappeared like snow in the sun. ”

Private jet for 68,000 euros

The banker was investigated following a tip that the man born in Breda would launder money for several Brabant (drug) criminals. According to the OM, the police encountered an excessive spending pattern, for example, he chartered a private jet for 68,000 euros per flight.

In 2016, the man disappeared via Switzerland to an island in the Caribbean. In 2018, the police managed to arrest him on the public road in Eindhoven, when he was in the Netherlands for a short while.

Millions of fraud

N. is suspected of having laundered more than six million euros mainly from drug offenses. He is also said to have laundered millions of euros from tax offenses. He did that for black savers. He is also said to have embezzled more than 6.5 million euros from his customers.

Dozens of black savers have become the victims of the practices of the suspect, the OM reports. “A few tons in euros per individual customer soon disappeared. There are also customers for whom it sometimes concerns over a million euros. ” Especially elderly clients would have been robbed by the suspect. According to the OM, the suspect benefited from a strong relationship of trust.

Justice has started proceedings to take the criminal assets from the man. The criminal case continues December 1. The defense will then respond to the charges.

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