Monster victory for Local Interest in Eemsdelta, PvdA second

ChristenUnie, CDA and VVD can have obtained three seats. GroenLinks is expected to come with two seats on the council, just like Gemeentebelangen.

Small shifts can still take place due to the distribution of residual seats. The final results will be announced on Friday.

No seat

The elections ended in great disappointment for D66, the Seniors Party and the Youth Party. They are not expected to receive a council seat.

The municipalities of Delfzijl, Appingedam and Loppersum will be merged into the new municipality of Eemsdelta on 1 January. The turnout for the elections was 44.21 percent. That is more than expected.

The election results in percentages:

‘Grateful and Speechless’

Obviously, after the resounding victory, there was a lot of joy at Lokaal Belang Eemsdelta in theater De Molenberg in Delfzijl, where the results were announced. Annalies Usmany’s party leader: ‘Unbelievable. I am absolutely speechless. I had hoped to be the winner, but this is very nice. I am very grateful. There is work to be done. ‘

The number three on the list, Geert-Jan Reinders, was also visibly satisfied with the result.

‘Proud and yet a considerable burden’

PvdA list leader Bé Schollema is very happy with the second place: ‘I am very proud of this result. Especially in Loppersum and a number of other villages we scored better than we expected. It is a difficult task for the party that has now become the largest. That difference is so big that it can go in any direction. ‘

‘I am very proud of it, but at the same time I also feel it as a considerable burden. Because I feel a lot of responsibility now. ‘

‘Source of inspiration’

D66 party leader Frank van Niejenhuis does not appear in the city council and is disappointed. But he also saw bright spots: ‘The past years that we have been working on this have been a great source of inspiration and experience. People always say: you did your best. We have achieved a lot with a young team. You hope for a fairytale, but that didn’t happen. But I’m still proud of the campaign and the debates. ‘

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