More chessboards sold by Queen’s Gambit: ‘Turnover quintupled’ | NOW

Due to the popularity of the Netflix chess series The Queen’s Gambit many more chessboards are being sold. and the chess shop Het Paard in Amsterdam have seen their turnover from chess products increase fivefold this month. That is what the stores say in conversation with on Monday.

A spokesperson for says that the web store normally sells “several thousand” chessboards per month, and that “several thousand” boards were sent to customers this month. The turnover from chessboards at is five times higher this month than in November 2019.

“We never make many statements about the cause of such an increase, but in this case we suspect that it will continue The Queen’s Gambit is coming, “said the spokesman.

And also at chess shop Het Paard it is suddenly much busier than usual. Owner Marieke Diederen sees that especially people who want to pick up chess again through the series, come to buy a new board.

“There are also many ladies here who buy a game for their boyfriend or for themselves”, says Diederen. “And I see many men who take the opportunity that their wives suddenly take an interest in chess because of the series. They take their moment.”

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