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Permanent job, cohabitation, own house: people in their twenties move everything up

This is according to new figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The agency compared the situation of people in their twenties last year with those in 2008.

The biggest difference is the age at which people in their twenties get a permanent job. Last year, half of the 27-year-olds had a permanent job. In 2008, people in their twenties reached this level at the age of 24.


The later age for a permanent job is partly due to longer education. A larger proportion of people in their twenties are now following a college or university course. As a result, they enter the labor market later than in their twenties in 2008.

All of this influences when people in their twenties buy a house. Without a fixed income it is harder to get a mortgage. Moreover, the mortgage rules have become stricter and house prices have risen sharply.

Family formation

With the introduction of the social loan system in 2015, young students also stay longer with their parents. Because the age has shifted in education and living alone, relationship and family formation nowadays also take place later.

The average age at the first marriage increased between 2008 and 2018 from 30 years to 31.5 years for women and from 32.8 years to 33.9 years for men. The first child comes nearly six months later than ten years ago.

Which twenties are you?

Many of the changes in your life take place when you are in your twenties. From studying to having a permanent job, living with your parents to buying a house, and being a child to having children.

What does your twenties life look like? And how do you score compared to your peers? Discover the answers through the CBS test.

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