Russia must fear for suspension Sport

Despite commitments from the Kremlin, the country has not complied with the agreements with the global anti-doping agency WADA.

Russia put the case at the forefront by leaving WADA employees empty-handed earlier this month after a visit to the doping laboratory in Moscow. The agency did not receive information about doping tests from Russian athletes.

The global office gave the Russians time to release the required data until December 31, but according to WADA, Russia has allowed the deadline to expire without taking action.

Rusada was suspended in 2015 due to the large-scale doping use in Russian sport and in particular at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. In September 2018, WADA decided to lift the suspension under certain conditions. One of these conditions was full access to data from the doping lab in Moscow and that has not been met.

WADA meets later this month and then decides on Rusada.

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