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stuck for attempted homicide – Drenthe – DVHN.nl

On Wednesday evening a motorist scared the crowd and traffic controllers of the evening four days in Westerbork. The 58-year-old man from Westerbork refused to stop and then drove into a traffic controller. The crashed traffic controller was not injured, but was shocked and upset. The driver has been arrested and is stuck on suspicion of attempted manslaughter.

Thanks to witness statements, the police were able to arrest the suspect that same evening. A declaration has been made. Today he is being interrogated and the local police officer visits the school (De Groene Borg) and visits witnesses.

The police spokesman against De Krant van Midden-Drenthe: ,, A lot of people were shocked. It happened while a group of children and parents came from Roessinglaan. The suspect wanted to drive past it and a supervisor could just pull a child away. He was hit in the back by the side mirror of the car. "The man was not injured.

He tried to calm the driver down, but he became even more angry and drove backwards, and there were children again. ,, The traffic controller also had to jump away. The driver has been recognized and was later arrested at home. He is now stuck and being interrogated. We are now going to put all the puzzle pieces together. "

Traffic controller

The traffic controller involved, Hilco Wolters, is fairly down-to-earth the next morning, although it was quite intense: ,, A madman came rushing from the Kruumten towards the intersection and he wanted it there on the Westeinde. I had already given a stop sign and the children were already crossing. He turned left. He drove on with an emergency walk with skid tires. The children were shocked. He just drove away. "

Red flag

Wolters has been a traffic controller for several years and this is also new to him: ,, It was the first time that something like this happened to me. Next time I will take the red flag. If I had had it now, I could have given him a tap on the car. But I don't believe that flag is allowed anymore. I sat around with the police last night and they are working on it. There were many witnesses and the license plate is also known. "

Many witnesses

Hilda van der Helm, involved in the organization, is happy that it ended relatively well: ,, And that there were many witnesses. A number of parents are very shocked, just like the traffic controller. Very annoying. If you see children walking in a village, don't you keep that in mind? They only run there once or twice. "

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