The 4 most important smartphone trends for 2019

Smartphones manufacturers do everything to make it worthwhile to buy a new phone again and again. That is why new developments are planned in 2019. Tech website Tweakers set out the most important trends.

1. Triple camera
Huawei and Samsung have already added a triple camera to their latest models. That trend continues. The cheaper brands also come with multiple cameras on their devices. Multiple cameras provide more depth and width.

2. Augmented Reality
An additional advantage of multiple cameras is that Augmented Reality applications come out much better. The depth is created to render virtual objects in a realistic way.

3. 5G
With 4G we already made a big leap forward when it comes to fast internet, with 5G you can surf super fast. It's hundreds of times faster, so you've downloaded a Netflix movie in seconds.

4. Large screen
We saw the edges around smartphones slowly disappear in recent years. That trend continues. The notch for the camera is also getting smaller, so that the front of your phone will only consist of a screen.

Sources): Tweakers

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