These are the worst slogans of 2020 | Inland

Tefke van Dijk, one of the initiators of the Election of the Worst Slogan, indicates that many slogans submitted this year refer to corona. For example, in addition to the Lidl slogan, you can also see ‘Waalzinnig you again!’ van Beleef Zaltbommel nominated.

Cut pussy

“It is also striking that there are less obscene slogans on the list than before,” says co-initiator Christine Liebrecht. “In previous years, the election was sometimes dominated by slogans that looked to the edge, but this year only the Belgian animal rights organization Gaia stands out to draw attention to the sterilization of cats with ‘Get your pussy cut before she starts to rock’.”

The other five nominees are: ‘Printed Boxes, Happy Faces!’ from D-BOX Verpakkingen BV, ‘Love makes you blind, but your nose still smells a wind’ by Rennie, ‘With cheese from the Jordaan, you go like a banana’ from cheese shop De Mannen van Kaas, ‘Oh my gutter .. . ‘by Dakgoot Renovation Specialist and’ Zing Vecht Hak Bid Polijst Smile and Admire ‘by Jan Reek natural stone.


The winner will be announced on Monday. It is the ninth time that the election has been held. Last year, the Arnhem fish bar Zilte Zeemeermin won the dubious title with the slogan: ‘Our fish tastes like a mermaid’s French kiss’.

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