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These films will appear in the cinema on Thursday NOW

This week gets the action rich John Wick-a third part, Anne Hathaway plays a scam on the French coast and a new historical spectacle by China's most famous filmmaker appears. See the full overview of the latest film releases below.

John Wick 3: Parabellum – action

Keanu Reeves can be seen for the third time as a former assassin John Wick, who in this film no longer has any protection from the Continental Hotel and is therefore completely supplied on his own fighting and survival skills. And he will also have to make frequent use of it. With a price of 14 million dollars on his head, he is chased by the most ruthless bounty hunters in the world.

The Hustle – comedy

On the southern French coast, it is full of rich men, and so the elitist swindler Josephine is happy to make it there. When she gets competition from the rough Penny, she decides to teach her the trade. Although the two scammers meanwhile also want to try each other out.

Shadow – drama

In the third century AD, the king of Pei was banished from his city, but he no longer wanted to enter into a duel with the enemy. His most important general, however, draws his own plan. The king is furious with that provocation, but does not know that the general is really a double of the true general. The Chinese director Yimou Zhang was previously successful with Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers and Hero. With the same sense of style, he also directed the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The Sun Is Also A Star – romantic drama

Natasha has one day left in New York before she is deported. Certainly no time to fall in love. But then she meets student Daniel, who claims that he can make her fall for him in no time. The Sun Is Also A Star is based on Nicola Yoon's bestseller of the same name. Two years ago, her romantic teenage story Everything, Everything already filmed.

Three Identical Strangers – documentary

In New York in 1980 a student discovers that he looks like a fellow student like two drops of water. A third identical man will be added later. It appears to be a triplet who was divorced at birth, without the adoptive parents ever knowing anything. The documentary Three Identical Strangers, selected since the beginning of last year for countless prizes and festivals, tells what exactly happened.

Wild rose – drama, comedy

Now that she's released from prison, Rose wants nothing more than to leave Glasgow and become a country star in Nashville. However, her mother does not like that. During the imprisonment of her daughter, she had to take care of the grandchildren and now she wants Rose to take responsibility once. Leading actor Jessie Buckley broke through last year with the mysterious drama Beast.

Acusada – drama

The life of the Argentine Dolores is turned upside down when her best friend is brutally murdered. The student herself is regarded as the main suspect and has to prove her innocence, while the media are on top of her life and suspicious family secrets are revealed. Acusada was nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival last year.

Ayka – drama

Kyrgyz Ayka lives and works illegally in Moscow and has no idea when she will have a baby. She decides to leave the baby in the hospital and then desperately look for work in the Russian freezing cold. Ayka was nominated for a Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Leading actor Samal Yeslyamova was awarded as the best actress of the festival.

Devil's Pie – D’Angelo – documentary

Soul singer D’Angelo was a celebrated artist in the 1990s but suddenly stopped in 2000. Fourteen years later he returned with the album Black Messiah. The Dutch documentary maker Carine Bijlsma was the first to be admitted with cameras in his life, and thus had the opportunity to make a portrait of the singer, his background and his struggles with the music industry.

The films mentioned in the overview will be shown in Dutch cinemas from 16 May. View here the overview of films released last week.

The films in the overview above have been selected by the independent editors of NU.nl. If you buy a ticket, it is possible that NU.nl earns money from this.

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