Video: Van Gerwen gets a familiar phone call from Prime Minister Rutte | Darts

"That is now the third time", Van Gerwen said after having put the telephone during the press conference. "He thought it was great that I won again." The 29-year old Brabander won convincingly on Tuesday evening from Michael Smith in the final. It was 7-3 in sets.

The press conference was a few minutes old after RTL reporter Arjan van der Giessen handed over his telephone to Van Gerwen. "With Michael. Good evening. "The 29-year old Brabander had a smile from ear to ear. "Thank you", the brand new world champion reacted to the congratulations from the prime minister. "You do it all. I am glad that I have been able to make everyone happy. And of course myself. "After a short maintenance round Mighty Mike finish the conversation. "There are a few people here in front of me. Thanks, Mark. I talk to you soon."

Van Gerwen was previously world champion in 2014 and 2017 when he won respectively Peter Wright and Gary Anderson. Once he lost the final battle. That was in 2013 when he had to acknowledge his superior in legend Phil Taylor. Where does the counter stop? "In any case, I win more than three world titles," he said firmly. But he is not going to pursue the number of sixteen from Taylor. "No, then I'm already retired."

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