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"WWF stimulates birth control of local population in third world" NOW

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) tries to encourage people in nature reserves in the third world to have fewer children. This is recommended by contraception and sterilization. Research by ZEMBLA.

The WWF, together with the American agency USAID and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, has set up health camps worldwide, which also includes so-called 'family planning' projects.

ZEMBLA is investigating one of those projects in North India and spoke to a doctor who was conducting sterilization for the local population with WWF.

According to him, more men should encourage sterilization and afterwards people are convinced of the usefulness of sterilization if they find that "sex is very enjoyable".

WWF Netherlands confirms ZEMBLA that three more projects are ongoing in Cameroon, Congo and Uganda. They don't want to give a response for the camera.

Professor Bram Busscher of Wageningen University has been researching nature conservation for years and he tells the program that the cause of the problem is being placed with the wrong people. "The problem is changing land use and we, the West, have a much greater role to play than the poor people around nature reserves."

'Village was cleared with a hard hand before the arrival of the nature reserve'

The program also addresses the consequences for the local population in the fight against WWF for protected animals. In India it speaks ZEMBLA with relatives of people who died when a village was cleared with a hard hand to make way for a nature reserve.

Reported in March Buzz feed that the WWF would fund for years organizations that violate human rights in their fight against poaching. Torture and sexual abuse were reported in several countries.

The ZEMBLA broadcast can be seen on Thursday at 21.10 on NPO 2.

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