Youp van ‘t Hek wants to apply for an exemption for more audience during conference | NOW

Comedian Youp van ‘t Hek, the VARA and Royal Theater Carré will submit a request to the security region to allow 250 to three hundred people in the theater during his New Year’s Eve conference. Current corona rules now allow up to thirty people, but he says that is “really very little.” “It is not a theater, it is almost a ‘conference-like’ atmosphere”, says Van ‘t Hek on Thursday in BEAU.

“Even with 250 to three hundred people in Carré, there is still enough distance to be kept. (..) I’m not going to shout, we’re just going to ask. The conference is a bit of a thing that belongs to the Netherlands,” said Van ‘ t Fence.

The comedian said in an interview on NPO Radio 1 on Sunday that he wanted to play for at least 250 people and that otherwise he could better cancel his conference. He comes to that now BEAU on back. “I’m not the one who says, I’m not going to do it. That’s not how I am.”

Van ‘t Hek also says he will resign if the municipality decides not to make an exception for him. “We’re just going to make a very nice request: make us a church one night, then I can make a much better performance on television. But if it can only be done for thirty people, then so be it.”

Comedian amazed at exception for churches

Van ‘t Hek is surprised that the measures for theater groups and theaters are so strict, while exceptions are made for “churches, IKEA and garden centers”. “Everywhere I played (since the corona outbreak, ed.) It happened so terribly safe. It was almost military operations.”

The comedian and columnist got the corona virus himself this year and was in hospital for a number of days.

The tenth and last New Year’s Eve conference of the comedian can be seen on December 31 at NPO1.

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