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"Yvon Jaspers and ForFarmers apart" | Entertainment

Yvon was accused of having a double cap, because she nibbled for the largest animal feed company in Europe and also the TV program Our farm presented. The Media Authority decided to launch an investigation. They came to the conclusion that the KRO-NCRV had been insufficiently careful in assessing the additional positions of the presenter.

But now it seems that Yvon chooses eggs for her money and has closed the door of the business behind her. In an internal memo, owned by RTL Boulevard, can be read: “Yvon Jaspers has let us know that for the time being she will only focus on her TV programs and therefore will not start any new activities with us. ForFarmers accepts this decision. ”It is not clear whether Yvon will no longer do anything for the company in the future. They keep it up "for the time being".

The presenter's management says that Yvon's agenda is too full and that she has no time for ForFarmers. She currently makes two programs for KRO-NCRV: Our farm and Farmer seeks wife. The broadcaster announces in a statement: "The agreements that exist between Yvon and ForFarmers are between them, which go outside of KRO-NCRV. We have given consent in the past (…) We are pleased that Yvon focuses on her programs. "

Yvon joined in April Peacock to talk about all the fuss. She received a lot of criticism at the time because, according to the viewers, in the broadcast, which also hosted Anne Faber's father, she only had an eye for her own situation.

Yvon and ForFarmers have been working together since 2015.

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