Zembla: excessive violence when arrested with police dog in March

Zembla presented the images to police scientist Jaap Timmer. “We see a neatly parked car that has nowhere to go, with about five officers around it,” he says. “If you can’t handle this man without a dog, then you don’t understand your trade. I see no need for the use of any form of force whatsoever.” Timmer speaks of an illegal use of force and a form of torture.

The police and the Public Prosecution Service leave on Zembla know that there is an internal investigation into the behavior of the dog handler. Because compensation has been paid to the man, the dog handler is not prosecuted, is the explanation of the justice. The Public Prosecution Service Rotterdam and the police force call the police violence used disproportionate.

357 incidents involving police dogs

Zembla points to multiple incidents where a police dog did not listen to the release command when arrested, while a police dog had to release on the handler’s command. According to the TV show, their research shows that dogs rarely let go on first command and in some cases bite for minutes. The police do not register which dogs do not let go.

There are about 400 police dogs in the Netherlands. According to police, there were 357 incidents in which a police dog bit last year. “Where with other police weapons, such as the firearm and pepper spray, it is precisely laid down how and against whom these weapons can be used, there is hardly anything legally regulated for the dog”, according to Zembla. Tonight the program pays attention to the case at 8.30 pm on NPO 2.

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