24,000 shares in TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) Acquired by Bessemer Group Inc.

Bessemer Group Inc. acquired a new position in shares of TTEC Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: TTEC) during the second quarter, according to the company's most recent disclosure to the Securities & Exchange Commission. The institutional investor acquired 24,000 shares of the shares of the business service provider, valued at approximately $ 829,000. Bessemer Group Inc. owned 0.05% of the TTEC at the end of the last quarter.

Several other institutional investors have recently bought and sold shares of the TTEC. Millennium Management LLC acquired a new position in TTEC in the first quarter, valued at $ 5,052,000. Geode Capital Management LLC increased its participations in the TTEC by 101.3% in the fourth quarter. Geode Capital Management LLC now owns 323,762 shares in the share capital of the business service provider with a value of $ 13,030,000 after the purchase of 162,913 additional shares during the last quarter. Northern Trust Corp increased its participations in TTEC by 36.2% in the first quarter. Northern Trust Corp. now holds 283,826 shares in the share capital of the business service provider, valued at $ 8,713,000 after buying an additional 75,393 shares in the last quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC increased its shareholdings in the TTEC by 15.7% in the fourth quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC now owns 241,400 shares in the share capital of the business service provider with a value of $ 9,716,000 after the purchase of 32,800 additional shares during the last quarter. Finally, Guggenheim Capital LLC acquired a new position in TTEC in the fourth quarter, worth $ 1,100,000. 25.57% of the shares are currently held by institutional investors and hedge funds.

In other TTEC news, SVP Margaret B. Mclean sold 5,000 shares of the company's shares in a transaction on Wednesday, June 20. The shares were sold at an average price of $ 37.25 for a total value of $ 186,250.00. After the completion of the transaction, the Senior Vice President now holds 22,045 shares in the company, valued at $ 821,176.25. The transaction was disclosed in a legal application to the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is accessible via this hyperlink. Business mixers own 70.00% of the company's shares.

Several equity analysts have recently commented on TTEC shares. BidaskClub lowered the TTEC from a "sell" rating to a "strong sell" rating in a report on Saturday 21 July. ValuEngine lowered the TTEC from a & # 39; hold & # 39; credit to a & # 39; sell & # 39; credit in a report on Thursday, July 19. Finally, Zacks Investment Research has downgraded the TTEC shares from a & # 39; waits & # 39; credit to a & # 39; sell & # 39; credit in a research report on Saturday 11 August. Three analysts assessed the shares with a sales score and one gave a hold rating to the shares. TTEC currently has a consensus score of "Sell" and a consensus target price of $ 41.00.

NASDAQ TTEC dropped $ 0.10 during trading hours on Friday and reached $ 25.30. The company had a trading volume of 85,807 shares, compared with the average volume of 62,981. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.87, a current ratio of 2.38 and a quick ratio of 2.38. TTEC Holdings Inc has a 1-year low of $ 24.35 and a 1-year high of $ 43.75. The company has a market capitalization of $ 1.18 billion, a PE ratio of 14.06, a P / E / G ratio of 1.98 and a beta of 0.90.

TTEC (NASDAQ: TTEC) last published the quarterly results on Tuesday 7 August. The business service provider reported $ 0.22 per share (EPS) for the quarter, with a consensus estimate of $ 0.28 with ($ 0.06) being missed. TTEC had a negative net margin of 1.10% and a positive return on equity of 21.80%. The company had sales of $ 349.85 million during the quarter compared with analyst estimates of $ 345.73 million. Research analysts expect TTEC Holdings Inc to publish 1.61 per share for the current year.

About TTEC

TTEC Holdings, Inc designs, builds and manages omnichannel customer experiences. It operates in four segments: Customer Management Services (CMS), Customer Growth Services (CGS), Customer Technology Services (CTS) and Customer Strategy Services (CSS). The CMS segment offers solutions for customer experience delivery, integrating technology with customer experience professionals to optimize customer experience across channels and at different stages of the customer lifecycle of an onshore, offshore or work-to-home environment.

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Institutional ownership quarterly for TTEC (NASDAQ: TTEC)

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