Alinghi climbs on the second day of Cardiff Act: World Sailing

After a hard day on the water of the Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff yesterday, the Swiss team Alinghi captured their place on the podium today. They closed the second day of the Cardiff match in second place, after the top-three finishes in all races on one day.

Back on the winning form, the Swiss resume their ongoing battle with their Danish counterparts. The forefront of SAP Extreme Sailing Team around the racecourse with impressive skill and determination did better than the Danes in all races except for two.

"We had a much better day today," said an enthusiastic Arnaud Psarofaghis, co-skipper and helm for the team. "Our reserve crew, Bryan Mettraux, flew out of Switzerland to replace Nils Frei because of the slight injury he suffered yesterday.It is always so easy to race with someone who knows the boat well, we are back on stage and we look forward to taking that top position again. "

Alinghi has never won in Cardiff before despite having ridden five times in the capital of Wales.

Today marked a very different day on the water for SAP Extreme Sailing Team. After having had the racetrack on Friday, the Danes fell from the pace in the lighter wind, making their rankings dotted with disappointing results.

"There were a few times things did not go well," explained the Kiwi rudder of the team, Adam Minoprio. "We have misjudged the pressure and it cost us many points." Combine that with the two bad starts we had and we had very little chance of a podium finish in five of the eight races. "Alinghi was so consistent today, which makes it worse, but we will have to sail better tomorrow."

It was another strong day on the water for the British, who have consistently set the bar high during the Cardiff Act. Five stages in eight races saw INEOS Rebels close the day in third place. Although it was a disappointing step compared to yesterday's position, their skipper Will Alloway was unaffected by the result.

"The first races went very well, but unfortunately we made the last few mistakes," he said."A debriefing tonight and then back tomorrow, I'm sure we'll be a lot better then."

The conditions on the racetrack could not have deviated further from those of Friday. The rain and strong wind of the first day made way for glorious sunshine, while the crowd came out with force to get along the shores of Cardiff Bay.

Stimulated by the support on the banks, the local wildcard Team Wales fought all day with Team México, determined to jump on the leaderboard and make their country proud. Unfortunately, the team quickly needed a team change when their mainsail trimmer, Martin Evans, fell ill.

"The crew change meant we had to let the new guy in," said the foil trimmer of the team, Welshman Gareth Fowler. "At the end of the day we have improved a lot, we are reasonably hopeful for tomorrow."

On the Flying Phantom racecourse Series-favorites Team France Jeune were again led through the wringer when they suffered damage in race 10 on their foil sleeve.

Austrian challenger The Red Bull Sailing Team is currently leading the fleet and has a 17-point lead over French opponents Idreva Zephyr Foiling.

Challenging conditions are predicted for Sunday, with strong winds and torrential rainfall expected in the bay. When asked about the forecast, an excited Phil Robertson skipper chirped in front of Oman Air:

"Insert the reefs, small breeding legs and let's go racing!"

The Extreme Sailing series will be streamed LIVE from 14:00 BST / UTC + 1 tomorrow, accompanied by comments from experts from Niall Myant-Best and Stevie Morrison.

The Free-to-enter Fan Zone is open to the public every day of the official holiday weekend from 11.00 am.

For more information about the Extreme Sailing Series, visit their website.

Extreme Sailing Series ™ 2018 Cardiff classification after day 2, 16 races (25.08.18)
Position / Team / Points

1st, SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) Rasmus Køstner, Adam Minoprio, Julius Hallström, Hervé Cunningham, Richard Mason: 166 points

2nd, Alinghi (SUI) Arnaud Psarofaghis, Nicolas Charbonnier, Timothé Lapauw, Bryan Mettraux, Yves Detrey: 162 pts

3rd, INEOS Rebels UK (GBR) Will Alloway, Leigh McMillan, Oli Greber, Adam Kay, Bleddyn Mon: 158 pts

4th, Oman Air (OMA) Phil Robertson, Pete Greenhalgh, James Wierzbowski, Stewart Dodson, Nasser Al Mashari: 154 pts

5th, Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Roman Hagara, Chris Taylor, Ed Powys, Neil Hunter, Dan Morris, Rhys Mara: 144 pts

6th, Team México (MEX) Erik Brockmann, Tom Buggy, Alex Higby, Tom Phipps and Danel Belausteguigoitia Fierro: 116 points

7th, Team Wales (GBR) Adam Piggott, Alain Sign, Martin Evans, Gareth Fowler, Peter McCoy, Kyle Stoneham: 108 pts

Flying Phantom Series Cardiff classification after day 2, 12 races (25.08.18)
Position / Team / Points

1st, Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Olivia Mackay, Micah Wilkinson: 232 pts

2nd, Idreva Zephyr Foiling (FRA) Charles Hainneville, Thibault Julien: 215 pts

3rd, Flying Frogs (FRA) Pierre Le Clainche, Arnaud Vasseur: 207 pts

4th, Culture Foil (FRA) Nicolas Ferellec, Théo Constance: 201 pts

5th, Team France Jeune (FRA) Solune Robert, Antoine Rucard: 196 pt

6th, Masterlan (CZE) David Krizek, Milan Harmacek: 181 pts

7th, EVO Visian ICL (GER) Raphael Neuhann, Elias Neuhann: 180 pts

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