& # 39; Dangerous, antisocial and often unlawful behavior & # 39;

The proctor of Otago University says he fears that someone will die in sadistic & # 39; second year initiations.

Otago University proctor Dave Scott.

Otago University proctor Dave Scott.
Photo: Delivered / Otago University.

Last year, the university took disciplinary measures against 17 students who were involved in the initiations, who allegedly saw people shaving their head, stripping and gobbling until they surrendered.

Of those 17 it is understood that nine were excluded for a semester.

This year proctor Dave Scott decided to take action.

In an e-mail sent to the heads of the residential colleges, where many first years lived, Mr. Scott warned of the dangers that first-year students had when they followed initiations the following year.

"Often there is a power imbalance, whereby guests are forced or forced into dangerous, anti-social and often unlawful behavior."

M. Scott said that while most initiations were fairly tame, some simply went too far and led to serious violations of health, safety and law.

He asked that hosts who consider three things when planning ceremonies.

"If you are the host: Remember that your guests are human beings, they must be treated with dignity and respect.

"Consider every event you plan, think about what is being proposed.

"Is the event unsafe, is it anti-social or illegal? Do you want to force yourself or put your guests under pressure to participate in activities? Would your event keep an eye on the investigation?"

Mr. Scott also said that students who are invited to events can refuse if they feel that their safety was in danger.

"If you are a guest, the event has nothing to do with your lease for 2019. You do not have to be present.

"If you choose to participate, you can say no to any activity that you do not participate in."

Mr. Scott would visit flats known for dangerous events to ensure that students understood what behavior was acceptable.

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