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New Zealand has its "best chance" for political parties to work together on climate change, says Green Shots leader James Shaw, while National is trying to find a common ground on how best to tackle the problem.

On TVNZ1 & # 39; s Q + A, the climate-responsible minister James Shaw and the national climate spokesperson, Todd Muller, came together and discussed how Parliament intends to cooperate.

"I have to say that I think we have gotten our best chance of reaching a twofold agreement on climate change, and I think that is crucial," said Shaw.

Emissions (file).

Emissions (file).
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"Whatever we do, it has to persist for several decades through various changes in government, and if we can at least start in a twofold way, then I think that helps to provide some security for that."

Mr. Muller described cooperation as "an opportunity for us, especially if we can see if we can agree on how to set a climate change."

He said that the political divide on climate change can be seen in Australia, which "give us a good example in many ways of how things should not be done".

"They have thrown each other's throat on both sides, even climate change and the lack of coordination and tackling it has brought four prime ministers down."

View the full exchange between the leader of the Green Party and the spokesperson for the National Party spokesman.
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Mr. Muller said that he created the conditions that looked at the best evidence, science and technology "and, in the course of time, advises us how to fight these emissions in five, ten, fifteen years, I think that's good for it country.

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