A dead after fiery collision between truck and car on State Highway Two between Waihi and Tauranga | 1 NEWS NOW

One person died after a car and a truck crashed on State Highway Two between Waihi and Tauranga today, a stretch of the road that is one of the deadliest in the country.

One of the vehicles seemed to be on fire after the collision in Whakamarama between Pahoia Road and Apata Station.

Motorists are asked to prevent the area with the road being expected to be closed for some time.

Diversions are in place with police and emergency services on the spot while the Serious Crash Unit also investigates.

The victim is the fifth person who died on the trajectory with another 20 people who are estimated to have died between 2010 and 2017.

A third of the money goes to Auckland.
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The highway is now two generations old and is no longer suitable for the purpose, says Fix the Bloody Road's Matthew Farrell.
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"There are a number of people who are not happy that their children are driving this road while they are learning to drive a car, and there are also some adults who are concerned about driving these pieces of road that do not really fit intentionally," Matthew Farrell said. from the local lobby group Fix the Bloody Road earlier this month at TVNZ1 & # 39; s Breakfast.

"They are too narrow, they do not have enough shoulder, there is no central reservation, there are large parts without Armco – ditches, benches, blind peaks and tops, sharp turns, you name it," he said.

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