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While the Green Party is adapting to the compromise of the policy while in government, the Q + A host of TVNZ1, Corin Dann, questioned the leaders on where the party deals with environmental issues of mining at DOC -land, to protect native wood cases and water rights. 19659002] Co-leader Marama Davidson said that the Green Party had been "very clear" about non-mines on nature reserves.

The new minister still has a lot of work to do to get it implemented.
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Earlier this month Shane Jones, Minister of Regional Economic Development, appeared on Q + A and named parts of the country "wasteland".

"It was land that was dumped there in 1987 after Rogernomics and it has never been solved," he told Dann.

When asked if he thought part of it should be used for mining, Mr. Jones said that this was what he was driving for.

Last night Mr. Dann also asked if the Green Party would feel comfortable with continuing the collection of native wood from DOC-land.

The co-leaders said that the protection should be continued and that the Green Party is still against the registration of the wood.

As far as water rights are concerned, Davidson said: "the possession of water is an abomination to both Māori and the Green Party".

The main announcement is that the party holds its first annual general meeting since it has been in power.
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"I do not know who owns water and it is offshore companies that get the strength and the money to take it."

The comments of the co-leader come after the Green Party conference on the weekend.

The co-leaders of the Green Party told TV + Z & # 39; s Q + A about the feeling in the party after the Green conference at the weekend.

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National Environment spokesman Scott Simpson said in a statement that "no real action" was taken at the conference except "reviews and workgroups".

"What this weekend has shown is that despite all the damage that is part of this government, the credibility and clients of the Greens has done, they have no influence, no influence and nothing to ensure," said Simpson. .

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