Antarctica NZ head resigns – Brinkwire

The government is planning to replace one of the board members of Antarctica New Zealand.

Antarctica New Zealand said that Peter Beggs had resigned his position as chief executive last week and has since been temporarily replaced by general manager Peter Smith.

Premier Jacinda Ardern said she was aware of the departure of Mr. Beggs and another board member, reportedly Sharon Hunter.

Mrs Ardern said that the government had one priority at the moment, but that could change.

"We would receive further advice if it was relevant to us in our role as an appointment [Antarctica New Zealand] board members.

"Of course we would play a role in replacing the outgoing board member, but I also consider this as an employment issue."

In a statement Foreign Minister Winston Peters said that Antarctica New Zealand had informed him of the changes, but he was unable to comment further because it was an operational issue.

CEO Sir Brian Roche, CEO of Antarctica, said they planned to hire a new president as soon as possible.

It had not responded to RNZ's questions about why Mr. Beggs left.

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