Big Tasman Sea low to week all week, flirt with NZ (+5 maps)

A large blocking high pressure system currently covers most parts of New Zealand and helps to create gloomy conditions for some in the west and a few early fog and frost spots. This height is now moving slowly to the east.

Meanwhile, another large layer is formed in the Tasman Sea. This layer is blocked by the high-pressure system and will remain in the Tasman Sea during development. A front for the low will approach the country on Tuesday evening and tap into subtropical rainbands, so that slowly and slowly rain will develop around wednesday and thursday (especially in regions like Bay of Plenty, looking northwards towards these incoming slow rain tires) .

The good weather will continue most of the country until Tuesday afternoon thanks to this high pressure. In most areas on Monday, day temperatures are considerably warmer than normal, but some may cool off somewhat on Tuesday (such as Canterbury and Otago). Over in Westland, north-westerly winds produce mainly cloudy skies or even light rain or drizzle. In Fiordland heavy rain can occur for some time.

On Tuesday, most parts of the country still have good weather, but with increasing cloudiness. From the evening in the northwest to northern winds and rain can occur on the western side and the interior of the South Island – on the North Island pushing on Wednesday.

The most important precipitation period in the northern and western North Island and the western South Island starts Wednesday morning.

The low point itself will peak in the intensity of the sea on Tuesday and Wednesday, becoming weaker as it passes south of New Zealand this Friday, falling apart on Friday evening and leaving only a few showers for North NZ.

– – New weather authority from New Zealand.

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