Bomber named mortar found on the campus of Otago Uni

The bombing crew is named after what a mortar grenade from the Second World War seems to have been found in the Water of Leith this afternoon.

Originally it was thought that there were two shells in the river that flow through the university campus.

The police were called to the scene around 12.30 pm after the discovery under a bridge over Clyde St.

A spokesman for the police said the area where the mortar was found had been deposited, but the road was still open and the police waited for advice from the bomb removal team.

The police spoke by telephone with the bombing team, which is located in Christchurch and it was not yet known whether they should travel Dunedin.

The shell was buried about 1 meter deep by contractors working on the flood protection plan of the Otago Regional Council.

The area was secured and Campus Watch helped.

Old mortar grenades were found on a building site at Clyde St in July.

The dishes turned out to be empty and scrap.

At the time the police were unable to comment on the reason why they could have been in the building, they said that they & # 39; historical & # 39; goods.

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