Christchurch councilor David East calls for independent investigation after tampering with allegations

A serving city councilor of Christchurch calls for an independent investigation after accusations of tampering with the city plan of the rebuilt city.

Alderman David East called a press conference in the city this afternoon to shed light on the alleged tampering, which he claims to have hit property owners in the coastal cities of the imitation of South New Brighton, Southshore and Redcliffs.

"After seeking advice and considering my legal obligations as an elected member of the board, I am now in a position to announce what I consider to be the most appropriate way to independently investigate this matter", the municipal councilor from the coast.

The concerns concern an alleged failure of a policy in the district plan of the Christchurch City Council that allowed people to build, renovate or expand their homes.

After receiving correspondence from Sir John Hansen, the former chairman of the independent hearing panel who had established the plan, at the end of October, it fears that it is "deliberately" outside the plan.

Sir John stated in a letter, claimed East, that the panel wanted the determination to be included, but that it was omitted at a given moment.

The move, so claimed East, can cost millions of homeowners and lead to increased social and psychological problems for communities that are still recovering from the devastating earthquake series in Canterbury in 2011 and 2011.

Community group Christchurch Coastal Residents & # 39; United (CCRU) supported an independent investigation, as did Darrell Latham, Linwood-Central-Heathcote community board member, who called the omission "red-zoning plan by stealth".

"Ultimately, we are here today to make up for a serious injustice and to seek justice and liability," said East.

Today, East Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Local Government Nanaia Mahuta has e-mailed his concerns.

However, he has not yet said anything about the city council and mayor Lianne Dalziel – an East who admitted he was unhappy and regrettable & # 39; used to be.

Tim Sintes, vice-chairman of the board of Coastal-Burwood, said that the & # 39; unjust action & # 39; when omitting the district plan clause for some residents & # 39; heartbreaking & # 39; is.

Some people have already moved because they were told that they could not expand or rebuild their houses, said Sintes.

"It actually destroys an area, some of these rules," he said, adding that this results in additional mental stress for already vulnerable communities.

Christchurch City Council has been contacted for comment.

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