Christchurch man missing after fire at home | 1 NEWS NOW

The police asks for observations from a man whose house in Christchurch was the scene of a fire last night.

Michael Croucher, 40, was last seen by a neighbor at his home in Tilford Street, Woolston, around 17:00 yesterday.

Police say there was a fire last night at Mr. Croucher's house, but officers have so far found no evidence suggesting that he was caught up or wounded by the fire.

Mr Croucher's family is very concerned about his well-being and just wants to know that he is safe, the police said in a statement this afternoon.

Mr. Croucher is an avid cyclist and is known to use a selection of three bikes in and around Woolston, according to the police.

Anyone who believes they have seen Michael Croucher today or today will be asked to contact the Christchurch Police on 03 363 7400.

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