Dog bolts along SH1 while attached to flag sign

James Mcdonald / Facebook

Lily waited for her daily sausage outside the bakery when she was startled.

Lily, the Basset dog, has cracked more than 230,000 people when she saw that she was dragging a flag sign over Rijksweg 1 in the Far North.

Owner Lucie Green has recently been to Bay of Islands Bakery in Kawakawa to get Lily her daily sausage – but the little dog was startled and went on the road with the sign in tow.

The out of control rescue dog was caught on CCTV, while Green pursued her until the flag limped on a central reservation at the other end of Kawakawa's main street.

Green had tied Lily to the Coca-Cola flag, thinking the base was full of water, but when Lily got excited about the sausage, the plate made a loud noise and frightened the dog.

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Green's partner, James Mcdonald, works at Leamy CCTV and uploaded the images on social media on Tuesday.

& # 39; At night the video has received more than 230,000 views.

The dog slides over the busy street in Kawakawa and drags the flag.

The dog slides over the busy street in Kawakawa and drags the flag.

"I did not see it live, but I heard about it pretty quickly," Mcdonald said.

"She came to work soaking wet and I asked her what had happened.

"I just went back through the camera's, I did not believe it, it sounded like so & mad; s crazy thing, but I had to post it because it was brilliant.

"Everyone could hear Lucie screaming after the dog, so the entrepreneurs came out and watched what was going on."

Mcdonald was surprised about the viral & # 39; reaction.

"I just put it down for our friends to see, and have a good laugh but it went viral."

Green said she was also surprised by the reaction.

"I'm glad everyone has a good laugh, it's just one of those stupid things.

"People asked if we were okay, I was soaked, but when we got back to work, Lily just rolled up and went to sleep."

Lily, a rescue from BOI Animal Rescue, was "stoked" to go back and collect her sausage, which was left on the counter while Green was chasing her.

The Northland Police Facebook page responded to the video: "Pedestrians, we are not sure if this is what we mean by making yourself visible on the road, but what works.

"Thanks for the start of our Wednesday morning, we love your Kawakawa."

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