Dunedin speedsters: Driver clocked at 146kmh in 80kmh zone

The police are urging Dunedin motorists to slow down after a pilot was punched at 146km in an 80km zone during the weekend.

Senior sergeant Trevor Thomson said the road police unit was at work on the Dunedin Southern Motorway around Barnes.

The driver was caught on an 80 km stretch of road to a 60 km zone.

There were "countless others" caught on trips of more than 100 km, he said.

"It is a reminder to people that the speed limit that goes along that road is 80 km and it is 60 km that goes on that hill."

The police had also received reports from people who drove quickly through roadworks in Dunedin despite temporary speed signs.

"Keep in mind that the speed limit for those things is there with a purpose for the people who work in the region, putting people at risk."

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