Finally humiliating act gang member forced mommy to perform after she had raped her for her daughter

A teenage gang who repeatedly raped a mother for her seven-year-old daughter, did his victim a final humiliating act.

Lorenz Mekuli was on a two-day ice storm when he subjected the 23-year-old mother to a nauseating attack.

But Mekuli, 17 and not content with raping her, demanded that his victim wipe the windows to get rid of his fingerprints.

Mekuli had broken through the window and probably wanted to remove any evidence of his presence.

The teenager from Hamilton on the North Island in New Zealand has been sentenced to eight years behind bars.

Lorenz Mekuli did his victim a final humiliation after he had raped her

He appeared in Hamilton District Court last Friday where he was accused of rape, threats, sexual offenses, attempted kidnapping, burglary and abuse of a child.

The 23-year-old victim told the NZ Herald that she was "very disappointed" with the sentence because it is difficult to live a normal life after the ordeal.

She said, "He almost killed me and he almost killed my daughter.

"I still can not believe that it happened at my own place." How can this be done in New Zealand? "

Mekuli, then 16, broke into his victim's house through a window that was left open in the morning of April 7.

He stole money and went to the bedroom where the victim slept with her daughter.

Mekuli had a two-day ice storm when he attacked the young mother

He jumped on the bed and strangled the mother and daughter despite their screams and resistance.

Details of the horrifying and long-standing attack were revealed in court.

Mekuli pulled the woman into the hall and forced her to remove her clothes.

He raped the woman three times, punched her face and ordered her to give oral sex while her daughter was forced to watch.

He also performed oral sex on her, Stuff reported.

At the end of the gruesome offense, the woman was hit a second time in the face and forced to wipe the windowsills to remove Mekuli's fingerprints.

The victims managed to escape to a neighbor's house after the teenager demanded that he be expelled from the crime scene.

The police were called and Mekuli was detected six days later.

Hamilton District Court in New Zealand

The court heard that the teenager had smoked methamphetamine in the two days before the incident.

Judge Louis Bidois told the court that the victim's life was completely destroyed & # 39; was through the ordeal.

Crown prosecutor Louella Dunn said that the victim had lost confidence and had difficulty in dealing with normal activities in life, such as sleeping, exercising and socializing.

Ms. Dunn requested a prison term of at least 14 years to demand that the community should be protected.

She said: "There is a risk of recidivism, there is a risk to the public."

Defense councilor Sacha Nepe argued for a lower sentence because the teenager was experiencing a severe childhood with domestic violence and drug use.

Mekuli, who showed no remorse for his victim, was sentenced to eight years in prison because the judge allowed a 35% discount for a guilty plea and his youth.

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