Free buses start a new consultation on the public transport plan

Public consultation today opens on the Regional Public concept
Transport plan and environment Canterbury has announced
that this Saturday, September 22, is traveling on his bus network
will be free.

Saturday is world car-free day. taller
Christchurch member Joint Commissioner for public transport and
Environment Canterbury chairman Steve Lowndes says that is true
an ideal way to celebrate the beginning of the audience
consultation on the regional public transport plan

"This RPTP is very different from the previous one
plans that contain the visionary change for the first time
needed to make healthier and more environmentally friendly
sustainable city and region, "he says.

"The plan
contains proposals for more buses with a higher frequency
routes, introduction of measures to ensure the passage of
buses along their travels, and a transition to zero
emission vehicles. It's all about making public transport
a much more desirable option, and setting up Groot
Christchurch for a future for sustainable transport. "

Lowndes says that it offers free public transportation on World
Car-free day is an opportunity for people to try their local
service, leave the car at home and think
about the kind of public transport system that is needed
Greater Christchurch.

"Everyone is invited to say something
about the options set out in the RPTP. For the first time,
the public transport bodies of the Joint Committee * have worked
together develop an important part of the Plan,
residents ask about their appetite for increased
investments in public transport, "he says.

"If this
future vision is to become a reality that we will need
significantly more investments from the early 2020s. How fast
we can make this transition depend on the speed of
available financing, coming from a combination of rates, rates
and government subsidies. The feedback from this consultation
will guide us in determining how fast Bigger
Christchurch would be the transition to a better, faster,
and less carbon-dependent network, "says Steve

Consultation is open until Sunday 14 October,
with information and a complete list of community events
available on or by calling 03 366

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